Angela’s Corner: Saline vs. Silicone


IMG_0738Many of us know that a good pro/con list can help guide a decision in the right direction. Each person may have a different list for the same topic as we each put a different value on it. While I was deciding which implants to go with for my reconstruction, I made my own pro/con list. It’s not something I do on a regular basis, but it was something I felt I needed to do to help formulate my decision.  I’ve decided to share a portion of my list with you in hopes that it may help form your own decisions, should you need it.


Pros Cons
More natural filling of salt water Still a foreign object with an outer shell made with silicone
If it ruptures, the body absorbs the saline Heavier than silicone
Obvious sign of rupture: the implant goes flat, which makes the breast deflate Wrinkles more than silicone
Friends that went with saline are happy Friends say it does not feel as natural
No MRI needed
Helps with getting over body image issues


Pros Cons
Feels more natural Foreign object implanted in my body
Doesn’t seem as heavy MRI’s needed to detect rupture
I’ve been told they wrinkle less than saline If ruptured, no physical sign
Friends that went with silicone are happy Can still wrinkle
Friends that have had both are happier with silicone
Helps with getting over body image issues
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