Where Might A Breast Cancer Recurrence Occur After a Mastectomy?

Breast cancer recurrence can be a nagging concern for survivors — even for patients who have had a double mastectomy. There’s no 100% guarantee that cancer won’t return, or even spread to other parts of the body from the original cancer site, and that can be frightening.

However, there are ways to be on the lookout for recurrence. This is why it’s so important to stay on top of your appointments, continue to get have regular follow-up appointments over the years, and to pay attention to any changes you see or feel in the breast area. You should continue to do self-exams, even if you’ve had reconstruction.

Here, Dr. Jay Harness from Breast Cancer Answers shares possible recurrence locations in the breast area, and describes in detail how to go about finding any potential changes near or around the original site of the cancer.

Watch the video to learn more.

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C. Kramer is back in the Mitten State after a brief residency in the Sunshine State. She has an adorable dog-child, and enjoys reading, writing, going to the theatre, and finding pins on Pinterest. Her mother is a breast cancer survivor.