After Breast Cancer She And Her Eight Kids Were Homeless, So She Did This

Paulette is a mother of eight kids and a breast cancer survivor. After a difficult childhood, she made a promise to herself that she will love and support every child she can, and to provide them with a big house and loving home to grow up in. Love them she did. For every child she gave birth to, she adopted a child as well. She lived in a big house with all her kids to live happily in, but things started to change dramatically after she won her battle against breast cancer.

The fight against breast cancer left Paulette and her kids homeless, an unexpected environmental circumstance after an event that should have been celebrated. The unfortunate situation did not dampen Paulette’s strong spirit. She was set out on a mission to walk 1,000 miles, topless, and had a bold statement to say about breast cancer discrimination and the financial burden that puts families in crisis.

Listen to Paulette’s powerful words. If you want to learn more about her check out our other post here.

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