29-Year-Old Musician Spends Her Chemo Days Making These Amazing Music Videos!


Molly Young was just 29 years old when she was diagnosed with stage II breast cancer in February. She had noticed a lump in her breast that “felt unlike other tissue” and brought it up to her physician, despite an overwhelming urge to not mention it in the hopes that it would go away on its own.

The doctor ordered breast imaging and a biopsy, after which Young learned of her terrifying diagnosis.

But cancer couldn’t keep this ray of sunshine from shining brightly. She decided that if she had to undergo chemo, she was going to do something special with it and have a ton of fun along the way.

“I want to take something traumatic and unfair and say, ‘I have to be here anyway—I’m going to make it fun.'”

Her passion for music first gave her the idea. Young holds a Bachelor of Music degree from Western Michigan University and Masters degrees in voice performance and early music voice from the Peabody Institute of John Hopkins University. She works as a performer and also teaches vocal and piano lessons in Baltimore.

As she was listening to the radio one day, she realized what a great distraction and a fun project music videos could be. We think they’re a great addition to her performance portfolio as well.

Photo: YouTube/The Unsinkable Molly Grace

Photo: YouTube/The Unsinkable Molly Grace

Young began making music videos, most of them hilariously lip synced, during her chemotherapy sessions. Some she does alone, while friends join her for others. Her videos usually involve plenty of makeup, costumes, and props. Many times, she wears a wig, although she has come up with a few fun ways to utilize her bald head, such as her “Daddy Warbucks” character for an “Annie” video. “Chemo is the only time I wear wigs,” she says. “I don’t usually wear anything on my head. I’ve gotten many compliments on my skull!”

She says she’s not aiming to distract other patients being treated, so she prefers to stay in her own treatment area and proudly films her performances with the chemotherapy machines and wires in the background. She’s able to edit the videos on her phone with the Videostar app while she’s being treated as well.

Check out one of Young’s creative videos below, a lip sync to the song “Bosom Buddies!”

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