So THIS is Why Doctors Keep Me Waiting!

You know how a doctor’s appointment goes from the patient’s side of things. You wait in the exam room, your doctor comes in, she listens to your concerns, orders some tests and writes a prescription. Maybe you’re upset that the doctor was late. What happens on the other side of the door? What are some of the things your doctor deals with daily that you don’t know about? Read to find out what your doctor wishes she could tell you.

Doctors Run Late for Good Reasons


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Sometimes a doctor has to give unexpected bad news to a patient. Sometimes they have to explain a complicated medical issue, or make a phone call on a patient’s behalf, or deal with an emotionally distressed patient. Sometimes a simple check-up can reveal a more serious problem. When these types of issues happen, the day’s schedule goes out the window so the doctor can answer questions and care for the patient in every way.

Doctors Sometimes Cry


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Even though the loss of a patient can be devastating for a doctor, doctors don’t get the chance to grieve. Instead, they have to help family and friends bear up under terrible news, and have to run off to the bathroom or the parking lot to find a moment to cry.

Doctors Feel Their Patients’ Grief


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There’s nothing more painful for a doctor than giving the worst possible news to a patient or a patient’s loved ones. Doctors sometimes become numb to try to deal with the amount of grief that surrounds them.

Doctors Know When You’re Not Taking Your Meds


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Doctors need to know when you’re not taking your prescribed medication. Sometimes lab tests tell them the truth, but they’d rather hear it from you.

Doctors Have Your Back


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Doctors take time to fight for you. If your insurance denies you a procedure or refuses to pay for it, many doctors will dive in as your advocate to make the problem go away — and sometimes, all you know is that the procedure was paid for.

The Doctor Isn’t the Only One Running Late


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Sometimes your doctor is running late because you’re running late. A patient might think nothing of coming in 10 minutes late, complaining about traffic or parking. However, that small delay sets the entire schedule back.

Doctors Want to Know How You’re Self-Medicating


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Any kind of medication you ingest matters to your doctor – and those herbal supplements you picked up at the local health food store may matter most of all. Make a list of all your alternative and over-the-counter meds before you go in for a checkup.

No One Says Thank You to Doctors


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Doctors like to hear the words “Thank you.” You can make your doctor’s day by sending her something as small as a thank-you card.

Doctors Know You Don’t Like to Be Nagged


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Doctors know you don’t want to hear that you need to lose weight and, as a result, they often simply don’t tell you. However, those extra pounds are making you a candidate for high blood pressure, diabetes and a host of other serious ailments.

Doctors Want to Know What’s Wrong


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Most patients come in to the doctor with a list of things to discuss, and, for some reason, they leave the most important items to the end of the appointment. Start with what’s concerning you most so your doctor can spend the most time addressing it.

Share what bugs you about doctor’s appointments in the comments!

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