Love Is In The Air With These Marriage Proposal Ideas!


If you’re waiting for a marriage proposal or trying to think of one for your special someone, here’s a few ideas that really take the cake. From proposing at a theme park to making an Internet meme, these are some truly unique proposal ideas.

Long-Distance Proposals

Calling over Skype has never been better; proposing via IM is a surprise that not many women would expect. Add icing to the cake by sending the ring in the mail and making her wait to open the package until you call.

Flash Mob Proposals

sean murdoch
Flash mob proposals are a hit, and not just because of the music playing. Picking the right song is key; for instance, when Scottish goalkeeper Sean Murdoch proposed in Times Square, he joined in with a flash mob, danced his heart out, and proposed to his lucky girlfriend.

A Planned-in-Advance (Way Advance!) Proposal

Nothing is quite the same as making someone wait for a proposal to create a unique video or series of images. One man proposed in secret every day for a year; he took photos of himself holding a “will you marry me” sign every day until he could make a video to propose with. That’s dedication!

An Internet Meme Proposal

Some people love being online, and what’s a better way to share your love of each other than with an Internet meme? Using a creative image of himself with popular meme characters, one user proposed by making the image go “viral” among Facebook friends.

Theme Park Proposal

Ganging up on your desired is a fun way to create a proposal, and raising up signs asking her to marry you on a theme-park ride with all your friends is a great way to do it. She won’t know you’ve asked until she sees the photo taken during the ride.

Exotic Location

If you love to travel together, finding a unique place to propose can be exciting. Take, for instance, one man who proposed inside the world’s largest cave; what an adventurous spirit.


Whether your beloved loves sea creatures or her own pets at home, proposing with an animal can be a real surprise. One woman was surprised when a dolphin came up for air holding a buoy asking her to marry her then-boyfriend.

Did you have a memorable proposal? We’d love to hear about it! Please share in the comments!!

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