Famous Anthem ‘I Touch Myself’ Becomes Breast Cancer Song

Rock anthem, "I Touch Myself," has been transformed to encourage women to perform self exams.

Divinyls lead singer Chrissy Amphlett lost her battle with breast cancer in 2013, but her struggle has become an inspiration to help educate other women. The famous star recorded the song "I Touch Myself," which was a sexy anthem known worldwide. Now, other artist from Amplett's native home of Australia have teamed up to rerecord the song, encouraging women to touch themselves in search of tumors. 

The I Touch Myself Project was Amplett's dream for her band's most popular song. The project features a quote from the singer on its website.

"'I Touch Myself' is so appropriate now, more than ever. You know, it really should be the breast cancer song," the late star said.

The site also shares a video of the song's rerecording, featuring Deborah Conway, Little Pattie, Kate Ceberano, Sarah Blasko, Katie Noonan, Sarah McLeod, Megan Washington, Suze DeMarchi, Connie Mitchell and Olivia Newton-John. The women sing "I Touch Myself" together, first acappella then with instrumental back up. The camera spins, featuring the vocal styling of one woman at a time. The last part shows breast cancer survivor Sali Stevanja. The camera zooms out, revealing her bare chest and the scars of her mastectomy and reconstruction. 

The project is meant to encourage women to perform regular self exams in attempt to detect possible tumors before they spread. 

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