Can You Imagine Getting To Go Through Your Great-Great-Grandpa’s Old Trunk?

Most people will never get the chance to meet their great-great-grandparents. Sure, we might hear stories about them from our older relatives, but one user on Reddit got the opportunity of a lifetime. While rummaging through his grandfather’s garage, he came across a Dusty Old trunk that used to belong to his great-great-grandfather! This trunk (and it’s contents, which are in great condition) date back to the early 1900’s. A lot can change in four generations, so not only is this a great way to find out more about a relative, but it’s also a bit of a preserved history…a time capsule if you will! See what he found below.

As you can see, the trunk itself has seen better days. The contents are in tip top shape though, including:

This John Deere Farming Companion booklet was filled with his great-great-grandfather’s handwriting, which must have been really cool to read!

Look at the date on the calendar (1905).

A tube of elixir called “Liquozone,” that allegedly cured anything! Talk about snake oil.

Three extremely soft leather items that are still in pretty good condition!

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