Made To Order, Comfortable, AND Fashionable? This Mom’s Creation Is Fantastic!

Anyone who’s undergone chemo and the subsequent hair loss is familiar with the itchiness that accompanies them. Adding to the discomfort is the heightened sensitivity of cancer patients’ scalps.

Now there’s a new option: Happy Hair Bands.

They were invented by Shelli Boggs. When her stepson was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago, she saw firsthand how sensitive his scalp became. And she also noticed how most cancer patients opted to pull on a beanie, something much more comfortable than a scratchy wig. Though his hair grew back fairly quickly, it struck her how much longer that could take for girls.

So she created something that was fashionable, breathable, and comfortable: a headband with an open scalp, so that beanies or wigs could be easily placed over it without discomfort.

In this video, you’ll hear from Naomi Oakes and her friend Rosie Ramirez, two girls Boggs has been working closely with to get feedback on how to improve the bands.

She offers the bands in multiple colors, and will customize them to the patients’ preferences. They’re made from a combination of soft, comfortable material and elastic with different hair lengths. The styles with the shortest hair (12″ to 14″) start at $45 and the longest style (22″) caps out at $95.  It only takes her a short while to make them, and so she is able to deliver them to local patients within days. This is an even bigger bonus as custom wigs can often take months.

As of this posting, she is only able to make them for cancer patients in Arizona, but she is hoping to expand globally soon. There is a GoFundMe set up for Happy Hair Bands. You can donate here.

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