Joan Lunden On Her Chemo Treatment: Attitude Is Everything!

Joan has been incredibly candid about her breast cancer diagnosis and treatment, and we appreciate that so much! For her first round of chemo, she was getting chemo through the veins in her arm; but since the chemo for her second round was going to be harsher, her doctors recommended she get a chemo port put in her chest. This makes it easier for the drugs to get into her system, and saves the veins in her arm from being blown out by repeated needles. The port procedure was a fairly minor surgery that took about an hour.

In the video, Joan explains her chemo treatment and emphasizes the importance of a support system. She talks about how treatment is different than it was, and that some drugs do such a good job at fighting side effects like nausea, that some people try to push on as if everything is normal. However, it’s important to listen to your body.

“A lot of people stay right on the job,” Joan says. “Some don’t even tell other people that they’re going through this. But I frankly think that you shouldn’t try to just go it alone, because support from family and friends is really important.”

Watch as Joan explains this part of her journey. Her attitude is so inspiring!

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C. Kramer is back in the Mitten State after a brief residency in the Sunshine State. She has an adorable dog-child, and enjoys reading, writing, going to the theatre, and finding pins on Pinterest. Her mother is a breast cancer survivor.