Research Shows Mice Can Accurately Mimic Human Breast Cancer


Mice mimic men in breast cancer research.

Scientists have used mice to test diseases and medicines for years, even in the study of breast cancer. However, some researchers have wondered whether mice are an accurate model for human illness. A study conducted by Michigan State University professor Eran Andrechek and graduate student Daniel Hollern tested mice mammary samples to see if the strains placed in mice would effectively demonstrate disease variations and conditions found in humans. 

The two researchers studied 1,172 tumor samples in all and compiled a database to list which strains of mice were the best choice for studying a certain type of human breast cancer. They also discovered that a majority of the breast cancer types can be studied in at least one mice strain. Not all mice tumor models can be used for each breast cancer, so scientists must choose which mice they use for research wisely.

Andrechek hopes that his database can become a tool for breast cancer researchers looking to select the right mice mammary samples to test upon. 

"There are definitely clear parallels between mice and men in relation to breast cancer and this study provides legitimacy to using these models so ultimately a cure can be found," Andrechek said in a statement.

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