This Turban Tutorial Shows You How To Wrap A Scarf Easily!

Nalie Augustin is a cancer survivor who has been sharing her story online for years. We’ve posted about her previously here and here.

During her chemo treatments, Nalie opted out of wearing wigs and chose instead to rock the bald look; she also wore turbans sometimes to protect her head from heat and cold.

“I decided not to wear wigs throughout my cancer,” she says in the video. She was offered advice and even some free wigs, but she declined. “I don’t know, it’s, like, not me. I’d rather walk around bald than have something fake.”

Every survivor has to decide what’s best for her, whether that’s rocking wigs, scarves, hats, or a bald head! If you’re interested in experimenting with turbans, though, Nalie is here to give you some tips. Take a look as she shares a couple of her (easy!) favorite styles.

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