From Fashion Designer to Breast Cancer Survivor: She Never Thought She Would Face Cancer


Melanie Harris a is a successful New York fashion designer whose confidence was shaken when she was diagnosed with Stage 1 breast cancer. However, through her treatment, which included a double mastectomy, she found strength and courage. Harris has now become an advocate for early detection. She also uses her talent as a designer to help women feel beautiful, even after going through breast cancer treatment and mastectomy.

Melanie Harris is not an old woman. She does not have the BRCA gene, and breast cancer is not in her family. However, at the relatively young age of 46, she is a breast cancer survivor.


As the third generation designer of the fashion house her grandmother started, Melanie Harris has a lot to boast about. Her designs have been featured in various magazines and television shows. She has dressed celebrities as well as women looking for something stylish and chic to wear to social gatherings. She is also a philanthropist who has worked with organizations such as Make a Wish Foundation and the Creative Coalition.

Despite the many achievements under her belt, Melanie Harris lost her confidence after her mastectomy. The once outgoing beauty became insecure and self-conscious, struggling daily to embrace her greatly changed appearance.


Melanie admits that she had to go through a lot of soul-searching to find her strength. She was lucky to have detected the breast cancer early, and this saved her life. She is now a vocal advocate for early detection, encouraging women to be proactive about their health.

Using her passion and her desire to help women look their best at all times, Melanie is designing one-on-one custom-made, special event outfits for women who are going through breast cancer treatment or who have just undergone a mastectomy. Though a lot of breast cancer survivors go through a major crisis over their body image, self esteem and femininity, a major breakthrough occurs when they realize their self-worth has nothing to do with their appearance. Melanie went through all this, and she is helping women to feel confident, even after a double mastectomy.

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